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How we work

At Blue Airport Transfer, we're here to offer you reliable, affordable airport transportation around London Heathrow. Proudly serving passengers near Heathrow Airport and surrounding areas, we promise the best value for your money. With our easy booking system and well-maintained vehicles, we make your journey smooth and worry-free. Our licensed drivers are experienced and trustworthy, ensuring a dependable ride whenever you need it. For stress-free Heathrow Airport transportation, choose Blue Airport Transfer.
  • Before one day of pickup. We will send a confirmation message to the passenger's WhatsApp. if a passenger enters something wrong, they will update us and we will fix it. Passengers get email confirmation when they book but we send WhatsApp confirmation for double check.
  • We will check the flight status before the pickup date if the flight landing date is different from the pickup date, we will update the passenger and set the correct pickup date and time.
  • We will send the Driver details to the passenger before 5 to 6 hours of pickup through email.

These details contain

  • Name and number of drivers
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Color and model of vehicle

From Home pickup: The driver will wait 15 minutes. After these waiting charges start that is £0.4 per minute for Saloon and £0.6 for Mpv.
From Airport pickup: The driver will pick you up from the meeting point. The details of the meeting point will also be sent with driver details. Driver will have Your Name board so you will easily recognize your driver.
We provide 60 minutes of free waiting time after the flight landing. After these waiting charges will start that is £0.4 per minute + car park charges for Saloon and £0.6 + car park charges for Mpv.

if the passenger wants an amendment

Passengers can add amendments through Email, WhatsApp, and by calling Email: [email protected] WhatsApp: +44 7384 984040 Landline: +442082025533

if something happened between routes?

  • If there is a train strike or something like that.
  • Road Closed due to construction work or something else.

In these situations, the driver will change the route and we will calculate the time and adjust your pickup time. We will set the pickup time earlier and inform the passenger about the situation, so the passenger will not be late for catching the flight.

If a passenger flight will change due to some reason. Passengers need to update us and provide new flight numbers. We will update the flight. And monitor your new flights and provide pickup accordingly.

Are there any hidden charges for passengers?

Congestion charges are added when a passenger selects a pickup or drop-off location in central London. If a passenger wants to change the drop-off or pickup in central London at the time of pickup then the passenger needs to pay congestion charges because it has not been added before.